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With over 15 of years’ experience in advertising and marketing in both Australia and New York, Michelle forged a career as a successful Consumer Trends Consultant working for renowned Futurist and trend consultant Faith Popcorn. Her role was to examine how to connect business (both emerging and established) for best competitive advantage. Recently returned to Australia, Michelle is the Director of Cultural Forecasting at GALKAL Australia.

It is an exciting time in culture as business across all categories scramble to deliver a seamless consumer experience, as consumers embrace technology, the largest disruptor or our time, challenging and throw into disarray traditional business models.

Collaboration is changing culture creating a new social economy that is largely been driven by technology and social media. “Fluid Tribalism” trend and the exponential power of the herd mean that never before in history has business been more dictated to by the citizens. The flip side to this peer to peer collaborative culture is “Brand Me” and the need to be recognized as an individual. This is very prevalent in this “selfie” narcissistic time we live.

To help understand the reasons behind these changes in culture Galileo Sight examines the Mega and Macro trends and their global manifestations. Identifying these ripples and patterns in culture provides a view of emerging macro trends. As humans we are predictable which allows us a certain degree of accuracy to predict likely future scenarios. Defining future correct scenarios ensures a proactive not reactive response to the global trend drivers’ business face today


Galileo Sight is a unique cultural forecasting model that provides a roadmap of the influences and friends driving consumer, shopper and businesses alike for the next 5 years.

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