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Who we are

GALKAL (Galileo Kaleidoscope) is an independent Australian strategy and research company with over 15 years experience.

An inspired thinker became our inspiration

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was one of the greatest thinkers in history.

He was a path breaker for the newly invented telescope, the decoder of nature's mathematical language and most importantly a brilliant populiser of science.

Galileo's unconventional yet disciplined approach to discovery is mirrored in our approach to innovative research and break through strategies.

We're guided by two powerful concepts
that lie at the heart of our organisation

  1. Disciplined and rigorous thinking
  2. The simple interpretation of complex human behaviour

Our skill is getting people to tell us what they really think and feel.

With that knowledge we offer our clients strategies to rethink their brand, find a solid foothold and achieve the all important competitive edge.

What were we thinking when we chose the name?

Actually we didn’t choose it, as much as it chose us.

Over 10 years ago, two companies met, realised they were perfect for each other and merged. It was a marriage of convenience that would offer a best practice solution to complex marketing problems. But the inconvenient outcome was a very clunky name.

So most people just call us GALKAL


A brand development consultancy with over 15 years experience in FMCG and Service clients in Australia and Asia.


An advanced qualitative insights agency with over 20 years experience in the Australian market.